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These short-term loans are expensive and it’d never be advisable even if they were legal for a home owner to borrow from the private lenders. So how tough are these short term loans, you inquire? The reply is threefold. They are prohibitive in loan to value, they’re high in fees and high in rate.

Restrictive in Loan to Value.

The maximum loan to value for most private loans range from 50% to 75%. No deals are done for 2 reasons at the larger loan to value. Is since there are really so many REO’s, Short Sales and foreclosure properties in the marketplace today that what was generally considered an especial deal is common place. Hence, private lenders are more particular in regards to loans, borrowers and the properties they select to finance.

Unless they are buying the property for the income, second, any real-estate investment that has less than 30% equity usually are not great investments for the investors. Iff that’s the case they may be not acceptable for the short term nature of those high-priced bridge and long term investments loans.

High Interest Levels.

Whether as n real-estate investor purchasing and or rehabbing commercial or residential investment real estate the interest rates are a lot more than traditional commercial or residential investment lending. The rates are much because the dangers are a lot higher and there source of these funds are limited. Risk and Reward. Supply and Demand. The risks are higher because such loans are not underwritten in line with the standard conventional guidelines and there’s no secondary market for private bridge loans or a very small.

Because the borrowers know these are only temporary loans, this can be generally no issue. Consequently, the larger interest rate is of value that is minimum because both borrowers and lenders realize the borrowers have an exit strategy to fast settlement these high rate of interest loans. Till they make, most lenders require a workable and verifiable exit strategy will the loans.

Higher Points.

Discount points consistently bill because such loans are short term in nature. 1 to 5 points may charge. In addition 2 to 5 points will be charged by the private cash brokers. Plus final prices. All these are fees that are high. They only make sense when a property investor will make considerably more money and they haven’t any other strategy to finance the bargains.

Why Use Hard Money Lenders.

Simply to generate profits. As a real estate investor you’ve got choices in lending your deals. Conventional financing that requires down payment for properties that are in very good condition can be chosen by you. You will find a number of other conventional mortgage criteria including credit, cash reserves, seasoning of funds and property. These make conventional funding almost hopeless.

Another option is to use your personal capital and not finance a deal at all. But, most astute real-estate investors know that if they are able to make a net profit of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more using a hard money loan they don’t enjoy the fees but they we pay them versus not making any money because of lack of funding.

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